Bethany Foundation

The Bethany Lutheran Church Foundation is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Colorado. It is affiliated with, and an integral auxiliary of, Bethany Lutheran Church. It has adopted the religious beliefs, doctrines, principles and practices of the Church. The purpose of the Foundation is to be an enhancement to the ministry of the Church by establishing stewardship opportunities additional to the general operation of the Church. The net assets of the Foundation are expended in order to:

  • Enrich, or uplift in some special way, the spiritual life of the Church congregation;
  • Provide some worthy addition or improvement to the facilities of the Church that seem beyond achievement through the currently existing channels; or
  • Give needed assistance or support to a worthy individual, family or Christian enterprise.

Scholarships: These are gifted annually and can either be awarded for Seminary (download application here) or Christian Colleges (click here to download). Applications deadline has been extended to June 15! In 2020, the Bethany Foundation awarded scholarships to 2 students attending Lutheran colleges and one scholarship to an ELCA seminarian.

Grant applications (click here to download) must be received every year by October 15 and are awarded in November. Decisions are made by the Foundation Board members according to Foundation guidelines. Last year, the Bethany Foundation awarded grants of various amounts to 7 organizations including 2 requests for needs at Bethany (click here to see what was awarded in 2020).

The Foundation accepts both unrestricted and directed gifts. For more info about the Bethany Foundation, please contact Carol Haller (president),Leslie Stevenson (grants), Matt Weissenbuehler(scholarships).