Our January Growth Groups are drawing to a close, be on the look out for the next “semester” of groups coming after Easter!

What is a Growth Group?  Growth Groups are small groups that meet together each week either in person or through Zoom to be Christian community for one another and to meet new people with the same interests and passions.

How long do they last?  Growth Groups are a short-term commitment.  Each group will last for 6-8 weeks.

Who are these Growth Groups for?  Everyone!  We are challenging every Bethany member to participate in a growth group this fall!  And it’s not just for Bethany members either, tell a friend about this unique opportunity and invite them to sign-up for a group as well.

What are Growth Groups about?  Each group is centered around a different topic or activity.  This semester, we have 13 different options, we hope that there is something of interest to everyone, because we want everyone to take part in these great spiritual and community-building gatherings!

Check out the catalog of past courses below.