Preparations for the arrival of our Savior have begun!  Click HERE to volunteer for the many (70+!) slots available.  Lectors read from the Holy Scriptures, Ushers greet and seat the people, Communion Assistants help serve the holy bread and wine and friendly faces help visitors at the Welcome Center.  Come!  Let us adore him...together!  

2014 Transitions

Please visit our “Transitions” page for all of the latest information regarding the transitions in the life of Bethany Lutheran Church. 

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After prayerful consideration, please fill out your 2015 Commitment Card online HERE!

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Saturday, November 22

Michael Peterson will grace us with a concert in the Bethany sanctuary on November 22 at 7 pm. Michael is returning to benefit veterans through assisting our veteran’s ministry, Operation One Nation. There will be a dinner from 5-6:30 pm in 2013 11 17 MP 1the Fellowship Hall prior to the concert. A freewill offering will be gathered at the event and all are invited to attend. If you plan on attending the dinner, please RSVP to Janet Mortinsen at or 303-300-3317. Please join us for an entertaining evening with music and a message in order to assist our military members and their families.

Michael, an award-winning Country and Western recording artist, and his manager and spouse, Col (ret) Jill Chambers are on a journey together helping veterans transition to civilian employment when their military commitments are through. Michael will be coming off a performance in Switzerland where he was in concert with a philharmonic orchestra. Michael has participated in a worship service here at Bethany on three separate occasions.

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2014 Spark BibleSunday, November 23

A Faith Milestone: Presentation of Bibles to 2nd Graders – We will mark this milestone by presenting our children in second grade with a Bible during 9:00am worship on this day. This special service is followed by a reception in the Fellowship Hall with a continental breakfast buffet. It is essential for families to sign up in advance to reserve your Bible and pew space. Deadline to register is November 16. Registration forms are available at the Welcome Center or contact Janice at or 303-639-4345.

2014 ZimbabweGlobal Mission Meet & Greet: God’s Garden – Davidson Zhou and his wife Yana will again visit Bethany. We have supported them for many years, beginning with his time in seminary school. Come to Room 209 at 10:00am to hear about their exciting work in Ngundu, Zimbabwe.

MOPS Bake Sale: You can cross baking off your Thanksgiving “to-do” list by purchasing 2014 MOPS logopies, breads and homemade candy made with love by a MOPS member. Proceeds help us provide excellent child care during meetings, give financial assistance to moms and secures excellent speakers. Thanks for supporting MOPS!

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2013 AdventSunday, December 7

Advent Fair:  10:30am – 12:00pm in the Great Hall:  The Children’s Advent Fair is a popular tradition for Bethany families with children ages 2 1⁄2 through 5th grade. The Advent Fair is scheduled in conjunction with the final dress rehearsal for the Children’s Christmas program, to make a festive day of activities. The emphasis is on the true meaning of the season and the event sets a tone of excitement, anticipation and preparation for Christmas. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to make creative gifts and decorations, which they can keep as remembrances or give as gifts to others with their love.

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2014 Rockin RoyalSunday, December 14

Annual Sunday School Musical:  Modern day storytellers take us back in time two thousand years ago, as a very angry King Herod has hired an investigator named Sherlock Watson to find out why the wisemen never returned and where this baby King is. Join us for “Rockin’ Royal Christmas”!

All congregation members are invited to this special musical production by Kids’ LIGHT Sunday school students, directed by Pat Guittar. Godly Play children will open the program with Christmas songs, led by Shawn and Natalie Dailey.

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A Prayer of Gratitude

2014 Thank You GodAs I walk the halls of Bethany six days a week, I am 
constantly reminded of how the Lord has blessed us
beyond measure, primarily through you, God’s people.
  Stephen Ministers care, altar guild serves, Godly Play
 and Kids’ LIGHT Shepherds teach, Vertical Life adults 
listen, choir members sing, council leads, members
 worship and give. We are rich beyond compare. Thank you, God.

It is a delight to have Interim Pastor Paul Svingen among us. His wealth of wisdom having served in Intentional Interim Ministry is deep. His loving kindness is evident and his theology thoroughly Lutheran. Under his steady hand, we will navigate this transition more smoothly. Thank you, God.

2014 Thank You GodIntern Stefanie Fauth-Lemke brings an easy laugh and positive energy to whatever she touches. Her clear desire to learn and grow will benefit Bethany as we continue to be a teaching parish of the ELCA. Her husband Marty, sons Royce and Arthur will be wonderful additions as well to BECC and our Bethany family. Thank you, God.

When the darkness of our world seems so strong, help us to know that you are the light no darkness can overcome. You alone are the Holy One, you alone, are the Lord. For those ambassadors of your grace and love in the face of evil, we pray for their strength and courage. Thank you, God.2014 Thank You God

For the mountains upon which ‘we lift our eyes, from whence cometh our help’, thank you, God. For the cross that hangs above the altar – an ever present reminder of the sacrifice of Love which covers all our sins, thank you, God. For the Word, Font and Table where we partake of God’s Means of Grace with humility and hunger, thank you, God.

Every morning your mercies are new. May we never cease to give you praise and thanks, O God…especially in days of transitions. Amen.

Pastor Ruth Ann

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Pastorous Thoughts – Fall 2014  

2014 SandalsTake off your
 sandals, for the
 place you are
 standing is holy ground.

Exodus 3:5, Joshua 5:15, and Acts 7:33

What makes something holy ground? Do you recognize it in the moment? Or does it take hind-sight? It sure would be easy if God spoke up and told you to take off your shoes, right?

I believe holy ground can be found all around us. We here at Bethany are blessed to have a beautiful sanctuary and, within a few months, an equally beautiful chapel. Both spaces are dedicated foremost to worship of our Gracious God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. How we attend to the spaces we create tells a lot about ourselves. I particularly appreciate the quote from worship professor at Emory University, Don Saliers, “The deepest things we know are found in the form of defining affections and passions. A person or society is better known through what is feared, grieved over, and hoped for than through its factually stated ideas and thoughts.”

2014 Holy Ground 1(“Where Beauty and Terror Lie: The Poetics of Everyday Life,” in Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality 2, no. 2 (Fall 2002), 181-91.) Our spaces most certainly testify to these affections and passions.

How then do we know when something is sacred or otherwise? The writings of Romanian theologian Mircea Eliade offer insights here. His thesis is that the sacred reveals itself. It would seem very much in sync with the Lutheran understanding of the Third Article of the Apostles’ Creed where we affirm faith is formed by the Holy Spirit. These hierophanies [manifestations of the sacred] are often given in spaces dedicated to ritual. Sure, much can be seen to be holy when seen with eyes of wonder and reverence.

When is bread more than bread; when is water more than water? Attend a Christian worship and see. We do have the good fortune to have marvelous spaces to connect with the wonder, mystery and beauty of God through the wonder, mystery and beauty of sacrament.

May you encounter the fullness of what can be found to be holy. Come to worship in chapel or sanctuary expectantly. And while you do not necessarily need to remove your shoes, take care to remove that which obstructs your capacity to see the sacred around you. I pray this may be for us all.

Pastor Russ

2014 AFF Nov