• 2015 Slide Oak

    New, Oak Tables

    Thank you to Dick Metcalfe who made these beautiful, oak tables for our new chapel, donated in honor of Confirmation for his grandchildren, Jack and Caroline Clouatre.  The table will be used for Holy Communion, flowers, urns, and sign-in books for weddings and funerals.

  • 2015 Slide ChoirPromo2

    Lifting the Spirit

    If you enjoy singing, please consider joining the welcoming and Christ-centered musical ministry of Chancel Choir.  For more information, contact Dr. Kim HERE, or ask any Choir member.  Lots of Choir FAQs answered HERE, too!

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Our current Sunday Morning Schedule:

2015 New Schedule

Confirmation RequestBLC Volunteer

Confirmation Classes:  Our second session begins November 1st! We are looking for 20 or more adults to learn and grow with our students for 6 weeks on a Wednesday or Sunday. If you feel a call to help form faith in our youth as you continue to grow in your own relationship with Christ, please sign up! We are looking for teachers and caring adults for our core courses: Lutheran Theology, New Testament, Old Testament, and Religious Studies, as well as artistic adults for our Faith in Art course. Contact Tory Plucheck by e-mail HERE or call 303.504.2672 to learn more and to get signed up.

— — — — —

Sunday, October 4

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost:  Mark 10:2-16.  Jesus announced and enacted in history the new reality of God’s surprising activity. These two stories demonstrate this new reality: Women and children are accepted and valued, not dismissed as inferior to adult men.
Dear Friends,
Even if you or I have never divorced, we know dear ones who have. Those who have divorced know it is often a long, humiliating, scary, exhausting, angry, gut-wrenching, shame-producing, lonely journey. No one wants to be told on top of all that, that if they find love again and remarry, they’re guilty of adultery. What was Jesus thinking?!
2015 Oct 4Notice, however, that Jesus wasn’t addressing his remarks to a divorced person. He was responding to a group of Pharisees who were trying to trap him. The real question wasn’t ‘is it legal.’ According to Deuteronomy 24 it was legal for a man to divorce. The Pharisees were waiting to see whose side Jesus would take regarding admissible grounds for a divorce. Rabbi Hillel thought any grounds were valid. If a husband didn’t like the way his wife cooked, he could throw her out. Rabbi Shammai was more conservative, divorce being permissible only on grounds of immoral behavior.
Rabbi Jesus was not interested in legalities. He was interested in real people. What happens to people when they are treated like objects, property to be thrown away?!
You may recall another text in which Jesus addressed the subject of adultery head on. “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
Jesus names the human condition. We are not capable of faithfulness, as President Carter so famously confessed. Perhaps our take-away from this text should be to confess our own hard hearts, trusting in the One who welcomes sinners.
In peace and love,
Pastor Debra
2014 10 05 BlessAnimals33This Sunday is the Feast Day of Francis of Assisi. We begin with Service of the Word at 7:45 in the Chapel, then Holy Communion at 8:30 and 10:00 in the Sanctuary. Pastor Debra will be preaching at all three services. Our hymns will include You Servants of God and All Creatures, Worship God Most High! at 7:45; then at 8:30 and 10:00, You Servants of God, All Creatures, Worship God Most High!,  Jesus Loves Me and Christ is Alive! Let Christians Sing. Special music will be provided by the Chancel Choir at 8:30am and by the Caroler Choir and Jubilation Singers at 10:00am.  We celebrate St. Francis with a brief Blessing of the Animals at 11:30am in the Courtyard.   Bring your furry, fuzzy, scaly, and fishy friends for a blessing  in the west courtyard.

— — —

2013 Care PackagesCollege & Military Care Packages:   Community and Care Ministry will be collecting items to send to our college students and to those serving in the military. We will be collecting items on September 20 & 27 and October 4 & 11. There will be a table in the Narthex for you to bring any items or donate money to purchase items or help with mailing costs. Items to donate include, but not limited to (single servings items would be best): trail mix, Goldfish, single serving Koolaid/Crystal Light, crackers, granola bars, cookies, fruit snacks, mints, gum, Twizzlers, chips, popcorn, hot chocolate, candy, playdough. Keep in mind that items need to travel well. Thank you in advance for supporting this ministry to our soldiers and college youth who are far from home!

— — — — —

Beginning Monday, October 5

2015 Empty ArmsEmpty Arms Grief Group:  New this fall will be a grandparents’ grief group called “Empty Arms”. If you are a grieving grandparent or know of some- one who has experienced the loss of a grandchild through stillbirth, miscarriage or infant loss, no matter if recent or years ago, please consider joining this five week group. The facilitators are Pat Guittar and Pat Birznieks, who are also grieving grandparents.

 We’ll meet in Bethany’s Library on Monday evenings October 5 through November 2 from 7:00-8:30pm  A second session is scheduled in 2016 for Mondays, February 22 through March 21.  For more information or to register, please e-mail Pat Guittar HERE.

— — — — —

Sunday, October 11

2015 SyrianSyrian Refugee Challenge:  Augustana Lutheran Church is challenging Bethany to help with the refugee crisis in Syria.  Lutheran World Relief is directing the delivery of Personal Care Kits. Please follow the directions found HERE exactly and bring your kits to Bethany on or before October 11.  We will bless them and send them on their way through Lutheran World Relief to the people who need them.  It costs LWR about $2.65 to deliver each Personal Care Kit overseas. You can donate to LWR on the Giving Kiosk to help with the costs.  More info HERE.  

— — — — —

BLC CalendarSunday, November 8

Save the Date:  November 8 is the date for our Urban Servant Corps Pancake Breakfast, the celebration of Consecration Day and day of our Annual Meeting.

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