Spring Ahead

Daylight Saving Time 2015 begins at 2:00am.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour!


BLC CandleOur church family shares the grief of loss with Edie Acsell and her family upon the death of her husband, Ray on February 25th. The Celebration of Ray’s life and the lifting up of the Promise of Resurrection will take place at Bethany on Saturday, March 7, at 2:00pm.



2013 Lent

Our practice of Lent grew out of this story of forty days of testing or temptation. It’s not like we only experience temptation during Lent, or that we even should put ourselves in temptation’s way. ‘Lent‘ means ‘to lengthen.’ The lengthening of days in spring, and also the lengthening of our time and attention to our relationship with God. Rather than our all-too-normal busyness and exhaustion, what might it look like to expand our sense of time, reduce our anxiety, and make a daily luxury of quietly sitting with God? Be still, God says,and know that I am God! (Psalm 46)

BLC Create In MeNew Liturgy Setting and Responses: For Lent, we switch to Setting 5, which is from the old “Red Book” many Lutherans may remember from before the time of the green LBW. Setting 5 is chosen for Lent because of its predominantly minor key, and for its more reflective, introspective mood. While we have used Setting 5 for the past three years during Lent, note that there are two new responses that have been included: The Gospel Acclamation, and the Offertory Response, which is a setting of the familiar “Create in me” text.

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BLC LabyrinthLenten Labyrinth:  Look for the Labyrinth Walk downstairs in the youth area, Room 412, on Wednesdays during Lent from 7:00am- 8:30pm beginning February 25. Experience a quiet time of prayer and meditation as you remember Jesus’ journey to the cross.

Centering Prayer:  Tuesdays at 6:00pm in Room 404 downstairs and Thursdays at 2:00pm in the Bethany Library next to the office. Our current book, The Cloud of Unknowing, is an anonymous work on Christian mysticism and contemplative prayer techniques used by medieval monks. We discuss the book during one-hour sessions that begin with a 20-minute period of silent prayer. We welcome new participants!

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Devotional graphic

Lenten Devotional:  This year, Bethany’s Chancel Choir and staff, along with orchestra and soloists, will present the St. John Passion as a special worship service on Palm/Passion Sunday, March 29 at 4:00pm.  When Bach first presented the St. John Passion to his church in Leipzig, Germany in 1724 he distributed the text of the work to his congregation with the request that they pray over it and prepare for the passion of Christ that would be presented during Easter week.

We are also providing a devotional booklet so you can meditate on the text and pray throughout this season just as Bach and his congregation did. Copies are available at the Welcome Center.  Download your devotional HERE.

2015 FOFA DevoAn additional devotional for this Lenten Season is brought to you by Forrest Guittar, Director of The Festival of Faith and the Arts. This daily devotional, also focusing on the St. John’s Passion, is based upon the new work of Bob Chilcott, a former member of the singing group, The King’s Singers. Available for download HERE.  Be sure to check out the FOFA website for concert information!

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Sunday, March 8

Journey to the Cross-24Journey to the Cross Story Walk:  Sunday, March 8, 9 – 10:30am.  Journey to the Cross is our annual dramatic telling of the Passion Week story, in which groups of children (and adults) move through six stations to hear parts of the story.  The story walk takes about 30 minutes. Groups begin at 10 minute intervals, beginning at 9:00am and concluding at 10:30am.  Come!  Walk to the Cross!

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Sunday, March 15:  Youth and Family Visioning Day2015 YouthFamVision

  • When: Sunday, March 15th from 9 am-12 pm
  • Where: BLC Fellowship Hall
  • Who: Students, Parents, Adults, Volunteers, Staff, Any and All!
  • What: A fun, creative, accessible day to help vision what Bethany’s youth program will look like in the future.
  • Why:  It will help you guide your Faith Formation Team in making programmatic adjustments moving forward.

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Sunday, March 29 – Palm Sunday

Worship Times:  Please note that the first service begins at 7:30am on this day.  Worship continues at 9:00am and 10:30am on this day.

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BLC BonfilsA Palm Sunday Blood Drive has become a tradition here at Bethany. Bonfils will be here on Sunday, March 29, in the Great Hall from 8:00am – 12:00 noon. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the Bonfils Appointment Center at 303-363-2300. Or you can go to www.bonfils.org, select “Make an Appointment” and use site code 0377. There will also be a sign-up sheet available at the Welcome Center on March 15 and 22. Questions?  Contact Janet Mortinsen at 303-300-3317 or janet@bethany-denver.org. Remember each donation has the potential of saving the lives of 3 Colorado patients!

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BLC Pancake

Our Annual Bethany Youth Pancake Brunch will be held from 7:30am-Noon in the Fellowship Hall.  All profits go to support the youth on their summer mission trips.  Tickets are $10.00 for adults; $5.00 for kids.  Menu includes eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, fruit, juice, coffee.

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Special Worship Service:  This year, Bethany’s Chancel Choir and staff, along with orchestra and soloists, will present the St. John Passion as a special worship service on Palm/Passion Sunday, March 29 at 4:00pm.

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Holy Week Worship Schedule

2013 Holy Week BLC

  • Palm Sunday, March 29, worship takes place at 7:30, 9:00 & 10:30am
  • Maundy Thursday, April 2 (First Communion):  Noon & 7:00pm
  • Good Friday, April 3:  Noon & 7:00pm
  • Easter Saturday, April 4, we will join the congregation of Epiphany Lutheran Church, 790 S. Corona St., Denver for an Easter Vigil service at 6:30pm
  • Easter Sunday, April 5!  We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord at 6:00, 7:30, 9:00 & 10:30am!  Come!  He is Risen!

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A Note From Pastor Paul

BLC Baptism ShellMoving into God’s Future…and beyond the best of our past.

Can we, in faith, in these particular transition times, ask anything less than the most culturally-sensitive, historically-informed, socially aware, and theologically authentic and future- sensitive questions than our Lutheran Confessions demand? No, we cannot…. not if we would be true to our faith and the core values that this faith (Luther) reflects. As St. Paul proclaimed, we “live and move and have our being” in Him whose holy name our baptism has blessed into and upon us…. forever. Read Pastor Paul’s entire article on pages 1 and 7 of the March/April Beacon HERE.

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Pastorous Thoughts

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.

Be strong and courageous… do not be frightened or dismayed,

for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1: 5b, 6a, 9b

2015 CheshireThe Cheshire Cat in the 1951 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland exchanges this dialogue with Alice:

  • Alice: I was just wondering if you could help me find my way.
  • Cheshire Cat: Well that depends on where you want to get to.
  • Alice: Oh, it really doesn’t matter, as long as…
  • Cheshire Cat: Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go. (Reference)

As people of God, it does matter which way we go and the manner in which we head there. Scripture itself is full of exhortation to live and dwell in God’s will. Read Pastor Russ’s entire article on page 3 of the March/April Beacon HERE.

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2014 CommitmentCardPeopleYour 2015 Commitment Cards can be filled out online HERE!

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