Worship at Bethany takes many forms and is essential for our faith’s expression and growth. We warmly welcome you to watch the weekly live-stream, share in this fellowship together or even join in to serve.

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The Hospitality Ministry at Bethany equips and helps each of us find ways that we can gather together in Christian fellowship. Check out one of the many meetup groups, join a welcome team, or simply continue to make Bethany welcoming for all new worshippers.

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The Outreach Ministry at Bethany evaluates opportunities to assist a wide variety of organizations that help people in need. They coordinate service projects that support both our local partners and the global community.

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This ministry supports a caring, committed and Christ-centered community for all ages. They work to create events and special worship services that foster the growth and kinship of Bethany’s family.

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Pastor Gary, Lead Pastor – click here to contact
Pastor Nate, Pastor – click here to contact
Janet Mortinsen, Director of Pastoral Care – click here to contact